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Vodafone Iceland approached us in mid-2016 and requested a new version of the vodafone.is home page. Despite having launched a new website the year before, there were a number of aspects that could and should have been improved on once some experience had been gained in the use of the new website. The main concern was to improve the design and user experience (UX) in mobile phones. The result was that we were able, using a few tricks we had up our sleeve, to decrease the scroll speed in mobile phones by approx. 66% and, at the same time, increase the volume of information on the home page – unbelievable!

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By using a new digital solution, you can become a customer in 3 minutes

After the successful redesign of the home page of vodafone.is and satisfaction with the collaboration, the next project undertaken was to redesign the product pages and general content pages, together with launching a new and improved purchasing process. Autumn 2017 saw the launch of rebranding from Vodafone Group. The new look places greater importance on the Vodafone speech bubble. The speech bubble is an international symbol denoting communication, and most people already associate it with Vodafone.

Once the design was completed for the most part, work began on creating a style guide (or pattern gallery) which will be of use in all web-based future projects.

Auður Karítas Þórhalsdóttir
Vodafone web manager
“When the paths of these two companies crossed again in the summer of 2016, we immediately saw the positive dynamics that existed between us, and the results have not disappointed. Kosmos & Kaos undertakes its projects diligently and employs incredibly creative employees with extensive experience from the website programming sector. The collaboration has been highly informative and first and foremost enjoyable.”

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