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Branding, website design, design system and front-end programming

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“...saves time for employees and simplifies maintenance...”

We were greatly pleased to embark on the design of Arion Bank’s website, working with the updated appearance of the trademark, new fonts and a fresh colour palette.

The main challenge facing users of the old website was the lack of internal co-ordination, which made it difficult for them to retrieve information and take advantage of the bank’s services. When designing the new website, therefore, we poured all our energy into making the user experience as smooth as possible.

A holistic and well-thought-out design means not only benefits for the user, but also less work for the employees of the bank both as regards services and the operation of the website. In addition, it sets an example for the design of other digital projects in which the bank is involved.

We are particularly pleased with the results, and according to surveys and measurements, users agree with us.

Check out arionbanki.is
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New appearance, better experience and more satisfied Arion Bank customers.

After the new website was launched, users spend more time on arionbanki.is than previously, visit a greater number of pages each time and view more products that the bank has to offer. Customers find it easier to browse the website and say that it has a more integrated appearance, which means that we were successful in our initial aims.

We look forward to continuing to work with Arion Bank and to show and describe more exciting projects that will be initiated in the near future.

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