101 Sambandið

Design and user experience

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Dystopian phone carrier for young adults

101 Sambandið is a new subsidiary of Vodafone Iceland in partnership with 101 Productions. 101 Productions started a radio channel run by that are entertainers and social influencers. Vodafone saw a golden opportunity to partner with them to compete for the attention of adolescent mobile users with a strong connection to the 101 Radio brand. Kosmos & Kaos has worked with Vodafone Iceland for several years now on various products, ranging from corporate sites, micro sites, apps, intranet and e-commerce. Partnering up for this project was a no brainer.

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Innovations in telecom services

From the start 101 Sambandið wanted to revolutionize the telecom services business by adding features that have never been seen before. A few of these features include the ability to onboard yourself through the app, transfer data to your friends, free event tickets for members and special content only available through app.

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Hyper modern and impactful interface design

Kosmos & Kaos worked with Siggi Odds to create a user experience that matched 101 Sambandið overall image. It ́s branding is something that feels kind of awkward, dystopian, super clean and bold. The app itself is very stark and minimal, hypermodern and impactful. A super simple color palette consisting of for the most part white text and graphics on a black background.


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